Firm Profile


Founded in 1984, Guangzhou Keyue I.P. Law Office is the first patent agency in Guangdong Province, possessing an organization code of 44001. With Guangzhou Patent Agency of Chinese Academy of Sciences as its predecessor, Keyue was reconstructed into a limited liability company after its introduction of a modern company management system in 2001.

In the past 30 years, upholding the concept of “Professional, Concentrative and Dedicated”, Keyue has provided a full range of services to enterprises, colleges and universities, research units and individual inventors, especially well known for offering high-quality IP agency services with a higher patent authorization rate. Our firm provides long-term services for well-known research institutions including Guangzhou Branch of Chinese Academy of Sciences, Guangdong Academy of Sciences, China Southern Power Grid and Guangzhou Institute of Energy Conversion, Chinese Academy of Sciences. 
Our company has several senior patent attorneys with senior professional title who have accumulated rich experiences after long engaged in patent agency services. Most of the patent attorneys, with a master degree in science or law, have been trained systematically in IP law and master several languages . Their majors cover not only the traditional techniques including machinery, electronics, physics and chemistry and chemical industry, but also the emerging techniques including biology, medicine, computer and communication. The company also employed some of the first batch of trademark attorneys in Guangdong Province as its staff, several of whom, qualified as lawyer, and boasts rich experiences in the filed of legal consultant, trademark services, registration of computer software and copyright services.

In addition, Keyue has always maintained a good relationship with all levels of intellectual property administrative organization including SIPO, Guangdong Intellectual Property Office and Guangzhou Intellectual Property Office, etc., and get strong support from the foregoing administrative organization. Forging ahead, Keyue will, with its professional knowledge, continue to be engaged in the intellectual property field to provide customers with high quality and all-around intellectual property intermediary services.

 Professional, Concentrative and Dedicated to the intellectual property service.