The rejected"INU, graphics" trademark review successfully for registration.

Our company agent for Hong Kong enterprises "Li An Ni Enterprise Co., Ltd." (Hereinafter referred to as "Li An Ni company") trademark business on long term, Commissioned our company to apply for registration on No. 12351337 "INU, graphics" trademark in the 16 categories of "magazine (periodical), stationery" and other commodities in March 2013.

But the State Trademark Office made a partial rejection of the decision on registration of the trademark application, dismissed the use of the "writing paper, notebook, printed matter, printed publications, stationery, writing materials, painting equipment" in August 2014, the reason for the refusal is that the trademark is similar to the registered trademark No. 8140401 (hereinafter referred to as "Citation")

Our colleagues in the trademark department of the company discussed immediately after received the receipt of the "notice of rejection",

English content of "Li An Ni company" trademark and cited trademark are same, but there are some differences among constituent elements, key of recognition and the overall visual effects, If make a review application, there must be a chance to pass.

Considering the years the brand value of"INU, graphics" trademark, "Li An Ni Company" decided to applythe review to obtain the exclusive right to the trademark, then entrusted our company to deal with trademark rejectionreview .

We described their differences in detail and not constituting a similar trademark. Both uses do not cause consumer confusion and mistakes. Finally, the Trademark Review and Adjudication Board decided to give initially approval to "INU, graphics" trademark in July 2015, The "INU, graphics" was approved to register in November. Our company successfully got the exclusive right of "INU, graphics" trademark for the "Lee Annie Company “to make its brand get the better protection and development.