Successfullyopposition of‘Huang Feihong’ trademark

No. 7024385 "Foshan Nanhai Huang Feihong art martial arts Museum "trademark (hereinafter referred to as "Huang Feihong Martial Arts Museum")was registered in the 32nd category of "beer, alcohol-free fruit juice drinks" and other commodities.

Our long-term acts as long term agent for " Huang Feihong martial arts museum” the trademark business, we foundHong Kong No. 9728397" Huang Feihong "trademark Huang X individuals application in the same 32 categories passing the Trademark Office of the reviewin the preliminary trial stage by our monitoring.

Hong Kong Personal Application No. 9728397 "Huang Feihong" trademark made similar trademark to "Foshan Nanhai Huang Feihong Lion Art Martial Arts Museum" registered by "Huang Feihong Martial Arts Museum", copied and imitated the first registered trademark.Its use can easily lead to misunderstanding and confusion of the public.

It also violated the first enterprise trademark rights of the "Huang Feihong martial arts museum,", if approved, it will damage the interests of the"Huang Feihong Martial Arts Museum" and consumers.

Therefore, we advised the "Huang Feihong Martial Arts Museum" applied for the objections to 9728397 "Huang Feihong" trademark to protect of their legitimate rights and interests within the statutory limited time.

Considering the visibility of the "Foshan Nanhai Huang Feihong Lions Arts Martial Arts Museum" trademark, "Huang Feihong Martial Arts Museum" entrusted our company to handle No. 9728397 "Huang Feihong" trademark opposition.

Our company collected evidences from various sources, arranged detailed and sufficient justification, and begged the Trademark Office not to register the trademark.

The Trademark office thought "Both of them are similar trademarks, if both exist easily lead to confusion of consumers” and issued the unregistered decision of the No. 9728397 "Huang Feihong" trademark by our arguments.

Our company successfully maintained rights for the "Huang Feihong martial arts museum" trademark.