The rejected “i Good Cake” trademark review successfully for registration.

"Zhengde Baking Wares Company limited." (Hereinafter referred to as “Zhengde company") established in Hong Kong is a set of research and development, production, sales, trade as one of the baking equipment professional company, it Commissioned our company to apply for registration No. 11229222 "i Good Cake "trademark in the 21 categories of "cake mold, cooking mold" and other baking equipment.

But the State Trademark Office made a rejection of the decision on registration of the trademark application in July 2013. The reason for the refusal is that the trademark is similar to the registered trademark No. 9491906 "IGOODEN"

Our colleagues in the trademark department of the company discussed immediately after received the receipt of the "notice of rejection",

There are some differences between“i Good Cake” and “IGOODEN”, such as form of glyphs, the overall design, pronunciation, meaning. They are easy to distinguish, not constituting a similar trademark. It should be approved to register.

We transferred the "notice of rejection" and the analysis report to the Zhengde Company, and suggested that the company submitted a review application within the statutory deadline.

Considering the“i Good Cake” as Leading brand of company , the Zhengde company adopted our suggestion and entrusted our company to deal with trademark review rejection for the registration.

Our company collected evidences from various sources, arranged sufficient justification and argued in the review. Finally, Trademark Review and Adjudication Board decided to makeinitially approval for "i Good Cake" trademark in March 2014, "i Good Cake" was approved to register in June. Our company successfully got the exclusive right of “i Good Cake” trademark for the Zhengde Companyto make its brand get the better protection and development.