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"Guangdong Intellectual Property" channel on-line running.

    On September 28, the first South China Intellectual Property Forum of the "Guangdong Intellectual Property" channel (trial run) on-line ceremony was held in Guangzhou. Guangdong Provincial Intellectual Property Office director Ma Xianmin stressed the need to strengthen the cultural transmission of intellectual property rights, set off a wave of cultural transmission of intellectual property rights, strengthen the cultural propaganda and propaganda work of the main positions of awareness, and strive to create a "big publicity" work of intellectual property rights.
    Liu Hua, the professor of the School of Law of Central China Normal University, suggested in the speech that intellectual property culture, publicity and research platforms should be established as soon as possible to promote the knowledge of government, schools, associations and enterprises of Property Right Culture Construction in coordinated Development during the first session of the South China Intellectual Property Forum.The other experts and scholars from home and abroad also made the speeches about "intellectual property culture construction thinking", "Internet intellectual property protection and cultural environment" and so on.
    It is reported that the "Guangdong Intellectual Property" channel was sponsored by the Guangdong Provincial Intellectual Property Office and the Southern News Network. The channel will be set news publishing, information integration, interactive communication and activities and other functions as a whole, it is a important network publicity platform to show decisions , the latest progress, building achievements, successful experience and a typical image of intellectual property development in Guangdong Province (According to the Guangdong Provincial Intellectual Property Office)