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Jiangsu provide driving force for the development of intellectual property rights.

    0n September 28, Jiangsu Provincial Intellectual Property Office issued notice about" applying for intellectual property financial development projects" (hereinafter referred to as "Notice"). The "Notice" aims to promote the city area to increase the intensity of efforts to demonstrate the province's intellectual property financial work to a new level. The "Notice" requirements are as follow, the project implementation needs to be oriented to the small and medium micro enterprises of science and technology, organizations and overseas entrepreneurship for patent pledge financing, patent Insurance policy propaganda and practical training to enable enterprises to understand the relevant supporting policies, financing, information handling processes, etc. 

    With regard to patented technology-based small and medium enterprises, overseas study talent as the focus, regularly carry out research for the needs of patent pledge financing and insurance and the project database for financing and insurance. We need to select intellectual property services institutions, build financial services team, set up a docking platform for bank financial institutions, insurance companies and enterprises and docking activities. The local banking financial institutions need to combine high-tech small and medium micro enterprises with demand of overseas study talents to increased patent pledge loans.

    The local insurance companies need to increase enforcement for patent insurance, patent infringement, patent agent occupational liability insurance,, overseas exhibitions patent infringement insurance, comprehensive intellectual property insurance, est. and guide the area of enterprise making pledge registration in a timely and purchasing insurance When do financing for the pledge of patents in order to enhance their credit and reduce bank risk. We need to strive to increase the amount of the region's patent pledge financing and patent insurance policy up to the 20% or more. (According to the website of Jiangsu Intellectual Property Office)