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Our company solved disputes of trademark preemptive registration for customer.

    Recently, a client from Peru specializing in selling the audio equipment and electronic apparatus appointed our company to solve six disputes about trademark preemptive registration in Chinese Mainland, the trademark registration number is 8560970, 9906439, 9906440, 10194139, 10198706, and 7212210, some of them have been recorded in China Custom which caused our customer’s products can’t entry into the China for sale. Therefore, our customer is eager to recapture the trademarks successfully.

    These six preemptive trademark registrations was designed and used by our client and have been registered under Peru Trademark Office in 2003. According to the client’s situation and appeal, our international department cooperated with law department firstly to provide some legal advices for the client about how to recapture these trademarks. For example, is it possible to put forward the invalidation, revocation, dispute for these trademarks, or deal with these disputes by negotiation? Meanwhile,we found out contact information of these trademarks holders and contact with these holders as per the instructions of customer, hoped to solve disputes by friendly consultation. So far, there are four trademark holders have agreed to transfer the trademark registrations to our client for free. Another two issues are still under negotiation.

    Our company successfully solved disputes of trademark preemptive registrations for the foreign client at lowest cost, enabled the client to continue to develop the trading in China and kept alive the Chinese market for the client.